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Here's What's Waiting for You in The Starter Kit!

Social Media Strategy Blueprint Guide

Master social media with my ultimate, step-by-step strategy blueprint designed to empower you, optimise your posts, boost your engagement and grow your audience online effectively.

Social Media Content Strategy Planner

Strategically plan your posts using content pillars to ensure consistency and maximise impact across platforms. You'll gain an example and a template to use for your own posting plan.

Content Creation Guide & Templates

Learn the secrets of compelling content with guides and templates that streamline your creation process for blogs, emails and social media.

Website Checklist for Beginners

Gain clarity on Google optimisation with my website checklist. Featuring the steps you need to take to gain visibility and success in search engines.

Google Business Profile Set-Up Guide

Start to master Google local searches with my easy-to-follow guide to claiming, setting up and optimising your Google Business Profile to maximise your visibility.

Email Marketing 101 Guide

Dive into email marketing with confidence; my guide covers everything from getting started, building your list, crafting engaging campaigns and understanding automations.

Easy-to-Follow Video Tutorials

Foster the potential of recurring revenue models, AI in marketing and much more with my short and simple video tutorials designed to provide clarity and elevate your strategy.

Who Can Benefit from The Digital Marketing Starter Kit?

Designed to demystify digital marketing's complexities, my Starter Kit is perfect for anyone looking to ditch digital tech stress, gain marketing clarity and craft a holistic strategy with ease.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners can all use the insights provided in my starter kit and start to integrate the four main digital pillars, SEO, content marketing, social media and email into a cohesive marketing plan.

The Benefits for You!

Simplified marketing.

Easy-to-follow guides.

Save time with ready-to-use templates.

Boost your visibility, traffic and leads.

Gain proven tips from my 25+ years in marketing.

Who Am I And What Qualifies Me To Help You?

Paul Culshaw, The Digital Empowerment Coach

Hi, I'm Paul Culshaw

I'm a Digital Empowerment Coach with over 25 years of experience in online marketing, I specialise in SEO and marketing optimisation.

My journey has taken me through various roles, leading successful campaigns and delivering digital marketing training for major brands and organisations across the UK and Europe.

Why I Created The Marketing Starter Kit

I created the Digital Marketing Starter Kit and my coaching services to help business owners who are confused by marketing gain empowerment and achieve online success.

After working with big businesses, I wanted to make digital marketing accessible when expensive agencies are out of reach.

My goal is to demystify online marketing by making it simple and easy to follow. I believe in straightforward, accessible strategies as the key to overcoming the overwhelm of complex marketing technobabble!

My mission is to guide entrepreneurial business owners, like you, towards empowering clarity through supportive communities, marketing mastery academies, step-by-step coaching programmes, and easy-to-follow courses.

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

I provide a step-by-step video training library, practical workbooks and Q&A sessions for all of my clients and support them where they need it most. They say I'm naturally patient, caring, and methodical in my approach to coaching and mentoring.

I don't just teach Google and website SEO; I coach marketing optimisation.

By embracing a holistic strategy using SEO, content, social media, and email, I help you create a solid online foundation for your business and content that demands attention and resonates with your ideal client.

The online world is competitive and crowded, but by being 1% better in 100 different ways, you can definitely stand out!

Success Stories: Proven Results from my Marketing Strategies

Alton Towers Resort

My content-led SEO campaign for the UK's biggest theme park delivered a 129% annual increase in non-brand organic traffic and 101 keywords ranking higher on Google's first page!

Simply Be

My marketing strategy, including creative content campaigns and SEO projects, boosted this female fashion brand's online visibility by 140%.

Nexus Point

I created a scalable, holistic approach to digital marketing for this Cheshire agency's automotive clients. The top results? Website traffic increased by over 50%, and they ranked in Google for 1,250 more keywords!

Are you struggling to start and grow your business online?

I can help! I'll guide you through creating a digital marketing strategy that's right for you.

We'll work together to craft irresistible lead magnets, write engaging content, manage your social media presence, build a thriving email list, develop online courses (if that fits your business), and optimise your website to attract customers and generate recurring revenue income.

Your path to achieving financial freedom starts now with my FREE Digital Marketing Starter Kit!

What My Clients Are Saying

Zsa Zsa Tudos
Life Coach

Paul Culshaw is an excellent marketing coach. His experience in the fields of online marketing, social media and SEO is invaluable. He is patient, kind, and generous.

I wholeheartedly recommend him to those who aim to achieve great results online in their work.

Roz Parry
Website Designer

Working with Paul was incredibly effortless; everything just flowed. He has incredible knowledge of digital marketing. His guidance provided me with invaluable insights that I couldn't have gained elsewhere.

I highly recommend Paul for beginners to the highly skilled.

Fiona Montgomery
Body Wisdom Coach

Working with Paul was amazing! He walked me through my website upgrade with a step-by-step process that made the journey feel easy and manageable. I felt supported, encouraged, and cared for.

I highly recommend Paul; he is an absolute technical angel who everyone needs in their life!

A Little About Me

Paul Culshaw, Marketing Coach

Outside of my professional life, I'm a single parent with one daughter.

I enjoy being at the gym, jetting off on an annual sunny holiday, drinking a nice glass of red wine, and collecting Japanese art and classic vinyl records.

Interestingly, I have a certificate in Circus Skills and once sold Snoop Dogg 16 pairs of basketball boot trainers in the 1990s when I worked in a local sports shop!

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